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[EXO] but i'm young and i'm pretty and that's all that you need

but i'm young and i'm pretty and that's all that you need | exo | jongin/sehun | ~2900 | in which Jongin vlogs, Sehun is good-looking, and they meet at a party (ft. the rest of exo)
this came about because of a dream i had of tao with a tumblr. it then became sekai because reasons.
title taken from the lyrics of scouting for girls's famous

but i'm young and i'm pretty and that's all that you need

Jongin (better known as Kai online) knows he is attractive, there is no doubt about it. The evidence is stark and clear when he looks into the mirror, and attractiveness stares back at him, lips twisted in a smirk.

However, he’s also sure that it’s not only his undeniable good looks that draw people to his videos. He’s funny too, knows how to contort words to form humour and make laughter slip out of people’s mouths.

Some call him egoistic, but he would rather call himself truthful. Admittedly, calling oneself attractive borders on self-praise, but there really is nothing wrong if the self-praise is, well, the truth.

It’s easy for him, this vlogging business. He has always liked looking at his own reflection as he speaks, watches his face and the way it shifts, the way his eyebrows frown together or the way his mouth forms shapes that also create sentences. He practices in front of the mirror a lot.

So it’s really no surprise that he likes to record himself speaks, because it gives him an opportunity to repeatedly watch his face move.

It’s also really no surprise to him that other people like to watch him speak, because he is attractive (and funny, don’t forget funny).

He doesn’t want to admit to himself that he might have made fun of Oh Sehun, ulzzang extraordinaire, in his video because Sehun is better looking than him, and he wants to chase away the feeling in his stomach he gets when he sees a picture of Sehun smiling (or more accurately, sticking out a tongue from his mouth. Jongin swears that out of ten pictures, Sehun has his tongue out in nine of them, and the only reason there is an excess one is because sometimes his mouth is around something, usually a straw, and on one occasion, a marker. It’s probably some sort form of oral fixation that needs fucking treatment).

Jongin spends the better half of the day after he posts the video watching the comments roll in. He gets the usual ones first, familiar usernames telling how happy they are he is updating and how he is so atrractive. He replies to a random one, and smiles at the almost instantaneous reply of incoherent keyboard smashing.

omgee, wouldn’t they be so cute together?

Jongin stares at that comment for a long while, feels a low burn at the pit of his stomach. His imagination starts to run free and think up scenarios and it’s absolutely fucking ridiculous because he just insulted this guy online, he really shouldn’t be thinking about wanting to replace that marker Sehun was sucking on with his own fingers.

He slams down the lid of his laptop hurriedly, and calls up Kyungsoo for another video collaboration.

Kyungsoo answers the phone with sleep lingering in his voice, even though it’s already three in the afternoon. He agrees groggily to be there in an hour or so, just let him brush his teeth and cook something to eat first.

Sehun doesn’t find the video first. Instead, he finds the fanfiction first.

(Well, find is a far stretch. It’s more of like someone commented on a picture of him with the link and he had been bored, but mostly curious.)

Sehun hadn’t wanted to be famous.

Sure he had grown up listening to people tell him how good-looking he was, that his face was going to bring him to places, but all he really wants is to graduate (as valedictorian). He just wants to get into a good enough company after school, earn lots of money, and maybe raise a family or something.

Just a normal life.

He remembers waking up one morning and seeing fifty-two new emails in his inbox, all of them comments on his blog. He’s puzzled of course, and at first brush it off as a prank by someone, probably Chanyeol, but he then realizes all the comments are made by different people, people he don’t know. He clicks on one of the new mail hesitantly. He is blinded by flashing sparkly pink text that proclaims him the best looking guy on the face of the earth.

When Chanyeol’s blog loads on his laptop, and the first thing he sees is his blog’s address in size 72 font, Sehun lets out something between a sigh and groan.

“I hate you,” Sehun grits out, venom lacing every word. “Why don’t you show me how much?” Jongin counters. Sehun shoves Jongin against the wall and…

Sehun closes the link of the webpage, horrified. He has a mental image of himself, ten years down the road, interviewing for a new, important, exclusive company and when they do a google search of Oh Sehun the first thing that is going to appear is this.

(If he had scroll to the bottom to look at the author’s name, he would have realized it was by a username called firephoenix.

Who is known by others as Park Chanyeol.)

Chanyeol first delved into fanfiction at the age of 14.

To be fair, it had been pure accident that he had stumbled across a story written about two of his favourite video game characters, and it had also been coincidence that both characters were male. The story had also been Chanyeol’s first encounter with anything related to sex.

He types his first fanfiction at age 16, and finds that he is surprisingly good at it. It’s fun for him too, an avenue for him to type fiction and whatever the fuck he wanted. He is able to craft worlds from words, able to squeeze emotions out of people with a few well-placed phrases. He loves it.

When Zitao calls him to invite him to an exclusive party that he is holding, invitation only, he asks if he can bring a friend with him. Zitao agrees.

Chanyeol calls Sehun.

The first time Sehun meets Jongin in real life is at a party, specifically a party hosted by a Huang Zitao that Chanyeol had dragged him to. The other reason he is here is because Chanyeol had promised to buy him that assessment book he has been eyeing for a while.

Huang Zitao is apparently really famous online. He runs a tumblr where he posts prose, lyrics, and most importantly, pictures of himself, always with his white iPhone.

Sehun sits awkwardly in a corner of the bar as he watches Chanyeol go and greet Zitao, and the man next to Zitao is tall, even taller than Chanyeol. He watches as they laugh mutually at something Chanyeol says, Zitao fingers light on the arm of the guy next to him.

“You’re Oh Sehun, aren’t you?” a voice calls away from his line of sight and he turns to find –

Kim Jongin.

He’s flustered, and he’s thankful for the low lighting of the place because he’s pretty sure that his face is currently tinted with the lightest of pink. He can’t help but drop his gaze down to Jongin’s lips, imagining them curled into a snarl, angry.

It’s really all that fucking – literally – fanfiction’s fault.

“You watched the video I presumed. No hard feelings?” Jongin says, and Sehun realizes he’s glaring at him.

“Uhm, no.” Sehun manages to stutter out.

“No as in no hard feelings are no as in an exclamation of how angry you are?”

“I don’t care about the video.”

Jongin’s face lights up at that, eyes bright, “hey, maybe you are cooler than I thought you were. I assumed you were just another pretty face with absolutely no brains at all. Or humour.”

Sehun doesn’t have an answer to that because really, what does one say to that, so he laughs nervously instead.

Jongin laughs back, boisterously, and slings an arm around him.

Wu Fan feels awkward as hell standing in this party, because no one knows who he is.

Or more like, everyone knows who he is but doesn’t know that it’s him.

Wu Fan runs a music blog where he blogs about all types of music, music of all genre and language. He takes pride in the fact that he’s fluent in four languages (three really, since Cantonese is a dialect), and then he has impeccable taste.

No one knows his real identity online. He goes by wohuifei, which is Chinese for I Can Fly. The only person that knows he runs this blog is Zitao, and that’s only because Zitao had been the one that had idly suggested he typed articles about music while helping him sort through his insane album collection.

He zones out a little and scans the place as Zitao chats with Chanyeol, and his eyes rest on that egoistic vlogger and some kid he has never seen before.

The vlogger has an arm around the kid, who is really good-looking, but his features are contorted in something like a concoction of both fear and arousal. It’s pretty hilarious to watch.

Zitao nudges him a while later, with lips pressed to the bottom of his jaw.

“You’re distracted,” he points out.

He leans down to press a kiss to the side of Zitao’s head.

“ – and he’s so cute, Kyungsoo. You should see the look on his face when I leaned in close to him,” Jongin tells Kyungsoo in between recordings of their next shared video.

Kyungsoo is a singer, a pretty good one, but the only times he makes use of his talents are when Jongin ropes him in to sing while he does some dance routine. It isn’t like Kyungsoo doesn’t like to perform in front of people; he just thinks he needs a few more years to sound perfect first. Jongin tells him daily he is fucking crazy.

“You have a crush on him, don’t you,” Kyungsoo words startle Jongin, because he is such he does not. Physical attraction is not crushing.

A crush is when you think of the person a lot, when instead of how their ass looks, you think of the way he smiles or laughs, or the way he tries to hide the way he is amused by things you say. A crush is when you want to link hands and walk down the streets together. A crush is when –

“Fuck my life,” Jongin says, collapsing back on his bed.

The first time they meet outside of the party is at a café near Sehun’s house.

They had sat around a laptop and watched random videos on YouTube, and had been amazed by a singer named Jongdae who covered songs. Jongdae has a nice face, nice voice, but his videos usually only had a few thousand views. Jongin had vowed to pimp him out on his next video, and had nagged at Sehun until he agreed to post Jongdae’s page on his blog.

(Six months later, Jongdae lands a recording contract with a recording agency. He thanks Jongin and Sehun on his first album.)

Halfway through their sort-of date, Jongin waves to a person that enters through the door. Sehun shrinks a little back into the cushy sofa he is sitting on. He’s not terribly good with strangers, especially when said stranger is a small male with eyeliner ringing his eyes and lips coated with what he thinks is gloss.

“Baekhyun!” Jongin stands to greet, before walking towards the male and embracing him. Something coils in the pit of Sehun’s stomach. Something like jealously. He pushes it away because Jongin probably doesn’t like him. The 5 minute video of him insulting Sehun is probably evidence enough.

Baekhyun ends up chatting with them, and Sehun learns that Baekhyun does make-up tutorials online, especially on eyeliners. He has a series of videos where he test out different brands of eyeliners and explain their pros and cons. Sehun is made to promise to visit his page, because Baekhyun is sure he would look divine with eyeliner around his eyes, and maybe something that feathered out at the edges. His eyes go wide when Baekhyun suggests that he guest on one of his videos.

“Sorry, Baekhyun is really enthusiastic about… make-up,” Jongin says when Baekhyun had left after realizing he was supposed to meet Joonmyun for lunch. Sehun lets out an awkward laugh, and the smile that Jongin sends him, one that’s white with teeth and stretched across his face, is one that burns into his mind.

Joonmyun runs an ecology blog, but that’s not where most people know him from. People know him online because he is literally everywhere.

He sometimes acts as a guinea pig for Baekhyun on his videos, sometimes helps to harmonize with Kyungsoo in one of Jongin’s videos, and sometimes appears in Zitao’s pictures.

His ecology blog is actually really pretty, choke full of fanciful graphics and easy interfaces, and each article is filled with useful but witty stuff, things that people can digest easily and sympathize with when necessary.

The only problem is that no one is interested in ecology enough to even give his blog a chance. Jongin had suggested posting a picture of himself topless to draw people in, but he doesn’t want people to read his blog just to see his face. He wants to actually educate people about global warming, about saving the earth, about how everything was going to go extinct because humans are inconsiderate and selfish and absolute venom.

He jerks out of his trance when Baekhyun’s hand slips on his face, and there’s a streak of eyeliner down his cheek.

x + xi.
Lu Han and Yixing run the gossip blog.

Except this is no ordinary gossip blog. This particular blog only concentrated on issues regarding internet celebrities.

On the headlines this morning it reads: “Sekai: Hate turns to love?”

Below it is a picture of them inside the café, sitting next to each other. Jongin has a careless hand on Sehun’s thigh and Sehun is laughing towards Jongin, mouth impossibly close to Jongin’s ear.

Sehun avoids Jongin for the next three days.

It is not an easy three days for him. Sehun can’t concentrate on his studies. When he reads through the basics of economics, all that goes through his mind is the worst of pick-up lines.

The elasticity of your love is perfectly inelastic.


There are no substitutes.

He doesn’t know why he is avoiding Jongin. It’s not like they were actually in a relationship. In fact, they had only met twice. An article like that should not have affected him. He should have called up Jongin, laughed about it, and maybe schedule another occasion to hang out.

He shouldn’t be feeling a knot in his stomach, coupled with a gazillion butterflies, and maybe even a snake. It’s ridiculous to feel this way, to feel like he might heave if he actually speaks to Jongin.

There’s just something about Jongin that he really likes, despite his obvious egoism. He’s honest, almost to a fault, but Sehun finds that endearing. Jongin is also direct and straight to the point, doesn’t beat around the bush, not even a small one. He says what he wants and doesn’t care about the repercussions. He holds a loud strength, one that shines through and affects everyone around him, makes them want to smile and steal some of that glow he seemingly possesses. Jongin is –

Sehun thinks he might be a little more than infatuated.

It is Jongin that calls Sehun four days after the article is posted.

“Are you avoiding me,” he says, right after Sehun had answered the phone. There are a million excuses that Sehun can use, he could tell Jongin that schoolwork had been hectic, or that he had been busy editing a blog post, anything, instead –

“Yes,” he answers him honestly, and is proud that his voice isn’t as shaky as he thought it would be.

“Is it because of the article?” Jongin asks, and his voice is soft, edging on vulnerable, and Sehun never thought Jongin would ever sound like this, almost unsure.

“Can we meet,” he replies instead, and they agree to meet at this café that some guy online called Minseok had recommended.

Minseok owns a food blog where he blogs about cafes and small eateries. Chanyeol swears by his reviews.

“So…” Jongin starts, the same time Sehun blurts out, “I think I like you. Just a little. Maybe.”

Sehun watches as Jongin’s eyes widen almost comically, and he wishes the earth would just swallow him whole, or like maybe a hand, made of rock, could shoot from the ground and grab him and then pull him under. Or maybe the earth would split open at where he was standing and just swallow him whole.

When he feels tentative lips on his, Sehun can’t help but smile against them. Jongin pulls back quickly, especially since they are in a public place, even though no one can see them due to where they are sitting, in a corner of the café hidden behind a pillar.

“I’m so glad I am not the one that had to confess first. Now I get gloat to people that Oh Sehun confessed to me.”

“I fucking hate you.”

“Why don’t you show me how much?”

Sehun hits Jongin lightly on the arm, grin dancing across his face.

- lol sobs.
- what is this what am i doing with my life why is this almost 3k words.
- i hope troisbang really got an extension if not i am doomed because.
- ...this was supposed to be lame ot12 stuff. instead you get sekai.
- i have been having sekai feels.
- they are so cute together ugh okay maybe not cute but i just really like them together.
- look guys this is pg.

Tags: fandom: exo, pairing: jongin/sehun, rating: pg-13

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