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everything found here is a work of fiction
personal favourites are labelled with ❤
psa: some fics will be locked after a week due to perceived lack of quality



move a little closer now
joonmyun/sehun | pg || 2402w
sehun studies at the cafe every wednesday for a change of pace; he meets joonmyun.

the dark is too hard to beat
baekhyun/zitao | nc-17 || 9686w ||| warnings: here
baekhyun doesn't believe in eternity or meant to be, but he believes in inevitability.

(i want you to) rock me [❤]
jongin/sehun | nc-17 || 1877w ||| warning: unprotected sex
there is something excessively addicting about being able to pull at the carefully knotted up seams of Sehun and unravelling them (((pwp)))

opposites distract
jongin/sehun | pg-13 || 9606w
desire: to wish or long for; crave; want. (or fic in which jongin volunteers at a library and meets oh sehun)

carcasses of stars in your eyes [❤]
jongin/lu han | pg-13 || 6272w
Lu han has empty eyes but Jongin thinks they are the prettiest ones he has ever seen.

of silver-linings, feathers and wishes || locked
baekhyun/chanyeol | pg || 3293w
Baekhyun finds a feather and gets three wishes.

hey there summerboy
jongin/sehun | r || 7064w
Not everyone kisses a stranger and meets Kim Jongin in one summer; Sehun is not everyone.

you belong to me (as i belong to you)
sehun/zitao | pg-13 || 1287w
Stolen moments; that's what their relationship has always been.

i fear, i fear, 'twill prove a giddy world [❤]
jongin/kyungsoo | pg-13 || 3297w
Jongin leaps and slowly (but surely) falls apart.

cross your fingers
baekhyun/chanyeol | nc-17 || 1849w ||| warning: self-fingering
Baekhyun gives Chanyeol an unconventional gift.

➝ hymn of the pyreflies (part i / part ii) || locked
lu han/sehun | pg-13 || 13,437w
{FF!AU} Sehun wakes up in a foreign world, Lu Han is a summoner and this is how they fall in love.

cut those chains in the middle of the night
jongin/zitao | pg || 1785w
Jongin knows that like poles repel but Zitao and him have never quite lived according to the rules of the world.

you're like a very far shooting star
jongin/kyungsoo | pg || 1306w
Jongin is not one for romance but he really wants Kyungsoo to notice him.

we are young (let's set the world on fire)
jongin/sehun/zitao | nc-17 || 2955w
Things change, because things always do. Heraclitus said: “Nothing endures but change.” Change is a constant, a given, and change is even a necessity.

a former "most love only lasts for a while" [❤]
baekhyun/chanyeol | pg-13 || 4771w
Chanyeol smiles too much and Baekhyun is a little bit of a cynic but they fall together anyway.

your law of gravity
jongin/sehun | pg || 912w
Jongin has always shone a little too bright.

but i'm young and i'm pretty and that's all that you need
jongin/sehun | pg -13 || 2953w
Jongin vlogs; Sehun is good-looking; they meet at a party.

you're made up, dressed up, messed up
jongin/sehun | nc-17 || 1213w
Suits don't usually go well with blowjobs.

gold against your neck
baekhyun/chanyeol | nc-17 || 1207w ||| warning: breathplay
Chanyeol ties a streamer around Baekhyun's neck; things happen.

up, up, and away
lu han/sehun | pg || 1471w
Lu Han is the boy that will live forever; Sehun wants to live.

it's not easy being a dragon tamer || locked
yifan/zitao | pg || 2280w
In which Yifan owns a dragon and Zitao is perpetually pressed.

lace him up (while i hold him down) || locked
lu han/yifan/zitao | nc-17 || 1500w ||| warnings: piercing play (corset), voyeurism, slight d/s + bloodplay, dub-con
Yifan laces Zitao up and Lu Han joins in.

let my fingers do the talking
baekhyun/zitao | nc-17 || 825w ||| warning: fingering
Baekhyun fucks Zitao with his fingers.

you wanted a hit
yifan/zitao | nc-17 || 1310w ||| warnings: mild piercing play + d/s themes
Zitao gets piercings and there's sex

waiting for your heart
lu han/sehun | r || 946w
Lu Han pretends.

edge of the world
lu han/sehun | pg || 1036w
They travel in a caravan to the edge of the world.

we were destined to explode [❤]
lu han/sehun | pg || 2487w
The subway can you bring you anywhere, it brings Lu Han to Sehun.

it's just relativity, baby
lu han/zitao | r || 1509w ||| warning: mild mild ageplay/ageswitch
Age does not concede with formalities

wasted daylight
lu han/sehun | pg || 1569w
They live on opposite sides of the fence.

双人舞 || locked
lu han/sehun | g || 1197w

total wc (for exo): 91,517w


integration into reality
junhong/yongguk | r || 1750w
Junhong fantasizes about his mathematics teacher

junhong/yongguk | g || 559w
Junhong wishes Yongguk saw him beyond Zelo

total wc (for bap): 2309w


i could be your superstar
junghee/minjung (girl!jongho) | pg-13 || 4410w
taemin thinks junghee is the korean rachel berry (except more obnoxious); minjung finds obnoxiousness endearing.

jonghyun/kibum | pg || 1199w
Wish making starts at 11:11am.

(everything is the same, yet different)
jonghyun/kibum | pg || 1201w
The world ends when Kibum is asleep.

you lighten up my heart (when i start to cry) || locked
minho/taemin | r || 975w
There used to be light in his eyes.

of fire, caramel and control || locked
minho/taemin | nc-17 || 3435w ||| warnings: dub-con, bondage
Minho doesn't remember how he got here; all he remembers is caramel locks and a thin finger.

domino castles || locked
minho/taemin | g || 1005w
Sometimes, Taemin wishes he could read minds.

total wc (for shinee): 12,225w


Kyuhyun/Zhou Mi | pg || 1224w
Kyuhyun tries to figure out when he had fell in love with Zhou Mi

total wc (for suju): 1224w


snow and smiles
Changmin/Yunho | g || 973w
It snows the first time Changmin sees Yunho.

we are stars
Changmin/Yunho | pg || 1247w
Yunho doesn't believe in forever; Changmin tumbles into his life unknowingly.

total wc (for tvxq): 2220w


untitled porn ficlets
#1 [hunhan] | #2 [hunhan] | #3 [taoxing] | #4 [sekai]

reversed roles
Jongin/Taemin | nc-17

untitled zitao feels

misc. others
to the beautiful drabble | smtown feels drabble

fic dump
#1 [2min] | #2 [kaisoo; taoris; hunhan; qmi] | #3 [hunhan; kaisoo; kai-centric; baektao; sekai]

tumblr ficlets
one rose for when you [lu han/sehun] | curiosity [jongin/sehun]

seoulfulness fills
of first time and knotting [jongin/kyungsoo] (warning: knotting)
untitled [jongdae/yifan] (warnings: collar&leash; humiliation)
untitled [sehun/zitao]
untitled [eunkyul/jaehee]
glitter [sehun/zitao]

excluding others, total wc: 109495

Tags: !masterlist
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