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untitled porn ficlet #1 | exo | lu han/sehun | 400~ | because exo apparently showers together and sehun finds lu han attractive.
lol not posting this anywhere, this is practice for porn writing.

To be fair, it really did start out as a desire to save time and water. It’s much faster to shower together, one person soaping off while the other stands under the water. It is by pure chance that they find out how standing under the water together, clinging to each other, saves even more water and time (with a bonus point of sex).

One could argue that having sex while showering will probably prolong the process, but Lu Han is pretty sure it takes a shorter time as compared to two separate showers. Right at this very moment, he is on his knees in front of Sehun, mouth full with Sehun’s cock.

He isn’t quite sure why he’s the one doing this, especially since he is older, but he appreciates the way Sehun is breathing heavily, hands in tight fists as he has nothing to hold on to. He jerks towards Lu Han then, and Lu Han tries to hold him in place with hands on his hips, but it’s slippery, a mess of water and soap. Lu Han digs blunt nails into his hips to keep him in place. Sehun groans then, and Lu Han hums around his cock, and the noise Sehun makes is delicious, the pain of Lu Han’s nails coupled with the added simulation all jumbled into a pool of heat and desire.

When Sehun comes, Lu Han tries his best to swallow everything, but he’s not exactly a pro at this, and some of it starts to run down the side of his lips. Sehun pulls him up then, and turns them around so Lu Han has his back against a wall, the water now relentlessly pouring on him. Sehun pushes his lips against his own, one hand messily stroking Lu Han’s cock. But there’s too much water and not enough friction, and Sehun’s hand keeps slipping off. It’s frustrating, because Lu Han is so close, but there’s just not enough.

“Come for me, ge,” Sehun whispers in his ear, and Lu Han feels his cock grow even harder, if that was even possible. He grinds desperately against Sehun’s hand, but it’s not enough. He groans.

He finally comes with Sehun’s teeth in his shoulder, one hand around his cock and another tugging his head back.


“I can’t believe you bit me,” Lu Han grumbles when they are drying themselves. His shoulder hurts.

“You liked it though, didn’t you?” Sehun replies easily, leaning forward to place a kiss on Lu Han’s shoulder.

Lu Han can’t argue with that.

this is why i don't write porn, because i can't

Tags: porn ficlet series, practice
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