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[EXO] move a little closer now

move a little closer now | EXO | Joonmyun/Sehun | pg | 2300~
sehun studies at the cafe every wednesday for a change of pace; he meets joonmyun
or the gross suhun fic rach writes as her own xmas gift to herself

move a little closer now

Sehun is just a typical senior high school student in every way; he has piles of work everyday and schoolwork is literally the only thing in his life. Sehun stays back after school most days to study, desk sprawled full of notes and sweet wrappers squashed underneath his pencil case. Sometimes, he has his iPod on top volume as he drowns in mathematical formulas and numbers, but when he is doing anything else, it is only the sound of silence that accompanies him.

Thus, every Wednesday is a day where Sehun breaks the monotonous cycle that dictates his life and goes to a cafe to study. Jongin had laughed at the fact that he had chose a day in the middle of the week, but Sehun had argued that four straight days of facing the same wall of the same classroom was going to drive him insane. Jongin had snorted, called him lazy, and then wandered back to the dance studio. Sehun flips the finger at his retreating back.

The cafe wasn't anything fancy; just a small, nondescript store tucked in the middle of two bakeries, store name printed across glass in green. Sehun had stumbled upon it by chance, running into the store when it had started to pour on a particular evening after school. Since then, he has made weekly trips.

There is a new barista behind the counter the third Wednesday he is there, and the first sight that Sehun ever has of Joonmyun is of him smiling, eyes crinkling and mouth upturn. It is a nice smile, endearing, and Sehun finds himself smiling back in return. He drops his bag onto the usual seat he took and makes his way to the counter, where Joonmyun greets him with the same smile.

"Good afternoon, what can I get for you today?" his voice is almost gratingly cheerful, but instead it makes Sehun's lips twitch.

Sehun orders his usual latte, extra shot of espresso as usual, and leans on the counter as he watches Joonmyun (he had read his name tag) prepare the drink. Joonmyun is, well, he is small, almost a head shorter than Sehun. Everything about him is small and fragile looking, be it his fingers as they curl around the cup or the stick thin nature of his legs and the way his jeans clung to them.

Joonmyun slides his cup over to him with a smile on his face.

The clock chimes ten times, and Sehun knows it is time for him to leave. He sneaks a peek up and around and the cafe is mostly empty, except for a couple at the other end, head bowed low towards each other.

When Joonmyun comes over and taps against his table, Sehun jerks up and meets his eyes.

"We're closing," he says, voice pleasant. Sehun gestures helplessly at the work in front of him.

"Just another ten minutes?" he asks. He is almost done with the assignment and he doesn't want to break his flow of thought.

Joonmyun assesses him quietly, lips pursued. Sehun takes his time to look at Joonmyun's face.

"I guess," Joonmyun starts, before pausing, "I guess you could stay until I close up? Just once though."

Sehun flashes Joonmyun a grateful grin and returns to the more pressing matter of his assignment. He hears the couple shuffle out of the cafe a few minutes later and the start of water against metal. He steals a glance and Joonmyun is standing in the kitchen, arms deep in dirty cups and soapy water. A tune croons from the adjacent table next to Joonmyun, a ballad that Sehun recognizes but doesn't recall.

Sehun finishes his last sentence just as the lights above the counter go out and the whirl of the air conditioner dies down to silence. He closes his notebook with a little flourish, a flick of his wrist, and hears startled laughter from the counter.

"Sorry, that was cute, the uhm, flick," Joonmyun apologizes over the distance. Sehun shrugs.

"Just a little something to signify a job done," Sehun explains and Joonmyun responds with a nod. Sehun goes back to keeping his things, shoving the notes and his pencil case back into his frayed canvas backpack; he really should consider getting a new one.

Sehun doesn't leave immediately after stepping out of the store; he stands and shuffle on the spot as Joonmyun crouches down to lock the door, the click of the key ringing in the night. Joonmyun stands and turns towards him, barely concealing the surprise on his face that Sehun was still around.

Joonmyun gestures to his right. "I'm going there, what about you?"

Sehun cocks his head towards the left.

"Well, I guess I will see you then? Have a safe journey home," Joonmyun says, and then he turns to walk away. Sehun spends a moment to watch his retreating figure before turning left and going home himself.

It is halfway on his journey that he remembers and processes the fact that Joonmyun had called him (or at least, an action he does) cute. He's glad there's no one around to see the blush creep up his neck and settle as rose on his cheeks.

"I never asked for your name," Joonmyun says casually the next week Sehun is there as Sehun approaches the counter.


Joonmyun smiles at him. "What would you like today, Sehun?"

Joonmyun allows Sehun to stay beyond closing hours again, humming a tune as he mopped the floor of the cafe. Sehun is tickled by the way Joonmyun grooves as he washes the dirty cups, a little sway in his hips when the music playing is fast-paced and not a duet.

He's attracted to Joonmyun in a purely physical way, the way someone would feel when they saw somewhat hot off the streets; yet there's also a desire to know Joonmyun better, as if Sehun was crushing on him. Joonmyun's arms, Sehun notices as the former reaches high to slide a box of supplies back into space, are surprisingly toned, veins snaking down the length of his arms. His smile is entirely affectious, reaching to the corner of his eyes and white with teeth.

"Are you studying?" Sehun pipes up randomly as Joonmyun is arranging the tables back in order. Joonmyun stops, the metal legs of the table grinding to a halt against the tiled floor.

"Yeah. I'm in college. You're a high schooler, right? I saw your textbook when I walked past," Joonmyun replies. There is a hint of embarrassment at having admit that he was noticing something about Sehun, but it just makes Sehun smile. "Why do you ask?"

Sehun looks up to meet Joonmyun's eyes from across the empty cafe. "Just curious."

He doesn't see the way Joonmyun's Adam's Apple bobs as he swallows or hears the way he exhales.

Sehun staying past closing hours becomes something of a thing, an unspoken ordinary in their routine. Joonmyun doesn't even bother to ask him to leave by the fourth week, just chases everyone out and ignores his table.

On the sixth week, Sehun is surprisingly done with his workload before the cafe closes, and he leans back into his chair and watches the people in the cafe. There are students like him, bent over their books as their pens sweep across in a frenzy, and there are people just relaxing, novels in hand or clicking away at their laptop.

Joonmyun is attending to customers at the counter, that same easy smile at on his face. Sehun shifts in his seat and decides to make use of his time and read up on the content for tomorrow.

"You really don't have to do this," Joonmyun says again, embarrassment clear in his voice. Sehun rolls his eyes, juvenile, at him.

"It's just dishes. Besides, I have to thank you for letting me stay back all those days," Sehun reasons, lifting a dirty cup from the sink and scrubbing into it with the sponge. Joonmyun rinses the scrubbed cups in an adjacent sink, hand sweeping through the soap.

"Still," Joonmyun tries to argue, worrying his bottom lip with his teeth.

Sehun runs one of his hand under the running water and flicks the clinging droplets towards Joonmyun. Joonmyun raises a hand and flails it at Sehun's general direction, earning a delighted squeal from the latter.

"What was that for?" Joonmyun huffs in mock annoyance and Sehun laughs at him in response.

"Nothing," Sehun sing-songs back at him, and watches as Joonmyun's face drops its pretence and his eyes crinkle into a smile that engulfs his whole face.

Joonmyun returns back to his rinsing but a minute later, Sehun spots Joonmyun cupping both his hands under the running water and reacts too slowly, and is met with a faceful of water when he turns to stop Joonmyun.

He can't stop the startled laughter from leaving him, and Joonmyun is laughing too, arms around his own stomach. Sehun dries his hands as best as he can on his pants and uses the back of his hands to dry his face as best as he can.

"What was that for?" Sehun mirrors what Joonmyun had said earlier, and that just sends Joonmyun into more laughter.

"Nothing," Joonmyun says back, grin wide on his face. There is a pause, and then -

Sehun places his hands under the still running water and splashes it at Joonmyun's direction. It morphs into a mini water fight, Sehun getting the collar of his shirt wet and Joonmyun's hair is pushed away from his face, sticking with the water.

They end up having to mop the floor of the kitchen dry, or at least, Joonmyun has to, while Sehun sits on one of the countertops and watches. They talk as Joonmyun mops the floor, talking about nothing in particular. Sehun learns that Joonmyun is working part-time to pay for his college hostel and living costs and Sehun shares with Joonmyun the reason why he is studying so hard. Joonmyun had hummed in approval and proceeded to tease Sehun good-naturedly.

"Thank you," Joonmyun tells Sehun later on, when he has locked the door of the cafe and is standing up and facing Sehun. Sehun shrugs it away and waves his hand at Joonmyun's direction.

The atmosphere is charged with tension and awkwardness out of a sudden, and Sehun swallows harshly.

"It was no problem," Sehun insists and Joonmyun's face goes from tense to normal again.

"Well, thank you still. I'm going to -," Joonmyun gestures at the direction that he has to head too and Sehun nods.

Sehun wonders what it would be like to kiss Joonmyun.

"Sehun!" Joonmyun greets when Sehun walks into the cafe the next week. Sehun doesn't miss the enthusiasm in his voice, and it makes him smile. He raises his hand in a wave as he makes his way to the counter.

"The usual?" Joonmyun asks when he is near, and Sehun nods. They chat lightly as Joonmyun prepares his drink, mundane questions like how has been your week.

Joonmyun doesn't slide the drink to Sehun as he usually does. Instead, he lifts it in his hand and passes it, causing their fingers to brush.

"Thank you," Sehun says, fingers tingling.

"Do you only come here on Wednesdays?" Joonmyun blurts out before Sehun gets to leave and return to his table. His eyes widen and he draws his lips in. Head reeling, Sehun nods.

"Why? Do you - do you look forward to me or something?" Sehun asks back, not quite sure how he is so bold with his words.

Joonmyun is quiet, lips still drawn. He releases his hold on them, and they are slick with spit. "Maybe," his voice is soft.

Sehun laughs nervously, reaches forward to shove lightly at Joonmyun's shoulder and goes back to his seat.

On Friday, Sehun returns to the cafe after he has studied at school, entering thirty minutes before the cafe closes. Joonmyun has his head down as he focuses on something on the counter, scrubbing against it with a rag cloth.

"Joonmyun," Sehun calls and Joonmyun looks up quickly.

"Hi, what can I get for - Sehun?"

"The usual please," Sehun replies, already calculating in his head how much lesser food he has to eat the next week to make up for this extra cup of latte this week.

"What are you doing here?" Joonmyun asks as he prepares Sehun's drink, actions purposely slower so they can chat longer.

"Well, I am uhm -" Sehun pauses, unsure if this was appropriate. Joonmyun raises an eyebrow in his direction, urging him forward. "You're not the only one that looks forward to Wednesday."

There is a loud sound as the metal spoon drops onto the floor and Joonmyun laughs nervously as he picks it up and goes back to the kitchen to retrieve a clean one.

Sehun stays back to close the cafe with Joonmyun again, arranging the tables and chairs as the former washes the dishes. There is something different about the atmosphere today, fraught with something that sits against his skin both pleasantly and not so much. Resolutely, he ignores it and drags the table he has his hands on back to its original location, cringing when he does it too hard and the sound it makes grates against his ears.

"Is everything okay?" Joonmyun calls from the kitchen. Sehun answers in the positive.

When they are done, Joonmyun doesn't turn off the lights of the counter. Instead, he pulls out one of the chair and sits on it, gesturing for Sehun to sit next to him. Heart hammering, Sehun does.

"Can I - uhm, can I -" Joonmyun trails off and his speech is replaced by laughter, stuttering and nervous. Sehun doesn't move or react, so Joonmyun reaches for Sehun's hands and tangles their fingers together. Sehun still doesn't react, unsure of what to do.

"Are you going to kiss me?" Sehun finally responds, and Joonmyun's eyes widen, but his grip on Sehun's hands doesn't loosen. Sehun takes that as a yes and leans in. He sees Joonmyun's eyes close and then Joonmyun's lips are soft against his own slightly chapped ones.

"So uhm -" Joonmyun starts when they part. Sehun nudges him against the shoulder, prodding for him to continue. "Do you want to - I don't know - catch a movie or something?"

Sehun laughs and says yes.

- title taken from one direction's c'mon c'mon
- this is the worst omg i just really love suhun no one writes my otp so i decided to write the fluffiest and cheesiest thing ever for myself
- suhun is so great guys
- soundtrack while typing this: magic (one direction) | c'mon c'mon (one direction)
Tags: fandom: exo, pairing: joonmyun/sehun, rating: pg
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